> Nerd Nite Auckland – Chapter 24

Nerd Nite Auckland – Chapter 24

Happy New Year, fellow nerds! We shall be back at Galbraith’s Alehouse (2 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton) on Tuesday Feb 3rd for our first action-packed Nerd Nite of 2015. We’ll start the drinking and such like at 6.30, talks from 7pm.

Our first speaker, Alyona Medelyan, will discuss Natural Language Processing (NLP) – an area of Computer Science that studies how computers can understand human language. Thanks to NLP, one day you might have your own intelligent assistant who can understand any dialect, who can answer your questions by finding the right answers on the web, and who can help you communicate in any language through instant and accurate translation. In her talk, Alyona will explain why understanding human language is so difficult, show examples of notable state of the art applications, and talk about what advances in NLP we can expect in near future.

Our second speaker Fergus Whyte was scheduled to speak at Nerd Nite in December, but unfortunately got held up in court! Fergus is a solicitor specialising in litigation, and a former clerk to the Judges of the High Court of New Zealand. He will be talking about criminal sentencing. Sentencing is something we see a lot about in the media and hear a lot of people expressing an opinion about it but how does it actually work? Fergus will be discussing the process of sentencing for serious crimes and the tensions inherent in the sentencing process.

And finally, our third speaker Esther Burning will be sharing about emotional intelligence and how it impacts our physical, mental and relational health, as well as the health of our society as a whole.

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