> Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 30.

Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 30.

Afternoon all.

So next Tuesday will be the 30th Nerdnite in Auckland and our 3rd birthday. It will also be my last one at the helm. These rambling once a month emails will either disappear or be coming from someone who doesn’t ramble quite so much 🙂

Anyway, as per usual, we’ll be at Galbraiths next Tuesday evening, being Tuesday the 1st of September. Head along after work for a pint, food maybe (scotch egg, go the scotch egg, unless you’re vegetarian, in which case, get something else) and some general good geeky company. We’ll kick off around, ooo 7ish.

The mix of speakers, is, of course, as per usual, eclectic. Matt Williams will be along to talk about his area of study which involves exploring the connection between climate change and assault. There is one.

Diia Bourke will be talking about a topic that I am inordinately fond of, cheese (not that climate change and assault aren’t important or interesting, they are, it’s just that I get a lot more pleasure from cheese than I do from climate change and assault). There will be talk of flavours, the bugs that make the flavours, what to look for in a cheese and other general cheese related matters of importance (all of them).

And out final speaker is one Dave Snell, who currently has a program on TV, by the name of Bogans, which is well worth a look. He’ll be along to talk about the connection of two other topics from which I gather some small (lots of) pleasure – the connection between heavy metal and comics.

Should be good.


If I don’t see you on Tuesday – thanks for sticking around for  both the rambling (from me) and all the cool things we’ve got to talk about over  the 3 years I’ve been doing this. I hope to see you at future Nerdnites, where I will be in the back being quiet(ish).



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