> Nerd Nite Auckland Chapter 25

Nerd Nite Auckland Chapter 25

Nerd Nite will be back at Galbraith’s Alehouse (2 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton) on Tuesday March 3rd. In our typical style we will gather to drink beer (or other beverage or choice), and celebrate nerdiness in its many manifestations. If that sounds like your type of evening, come along! As usual we’ll start the drinking and socialising at 6.30, with talks from 7pm.

Our first speaker this month is Szu-Wen Kung, who is a lecturer in translation studies at the University of Auckland. Szu-Wen’s talk will attempt to explore the role of literary translators as language performers in translating a literary work imbued with a cacophonous chorus of conversation. In particular, she asks how the literary translator mediates the linguistic and dialectical features, and to what extent is such textual mediation creatively “performed”?

Our second speaker, Joachim Brand, will be discussing some of his recent research on nonlinear waves in atomic superfluids (we have been assured he’ll explain what that means), and how they are connected to sound figures, i.e. vibration patterns on solid objects like plates or violin bodies that can be visualised by spraying sand onto the objects. Similar to musical instruments, superfluid defects can resonate at characteristic frequencies that produce intriguing patterns.

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