> Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 27

Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 27

So. After missing last month due to staggering amounts of I can’t get my shit together on my part, we’re back. What are we going to learn about this time whilst having a beverage? Summing it up so briefly that it probably doesn’t make sense, it’s houses.

One of the chaps coming along to talk, goes by the name of Mark Todd. Not the equestrian. He’s responsible for a series of buildings popping up around time with a certain theme to their names. The Ockham. The Issac. The Turing. The Hypatia. All of you should know where those names come from. I shall be disappointed in you if you don’t. Anyway. Mark has titled his talk “Why housing exposes the dirty secret of modern western economics”. A talk about housing and economics from a maths geek who runs a science foundation and builds apartments. Should be interesting.

In the case of the our other speaker, it’s a specific house. Alberton House to be precise. Rendell McIntosh works at Alberton, one of Auckland’s historic homesteads. An interesting place to have a wander around (with a particularly awesome kitchen) if you ever get the chance, Rendell will be telling us a little about it’s history.

There might be a 3rd speaker. There might not. Either way, I’m sure you’ll deal with it.

Tuesday the 2nd of July at Galbraiths. 6:30-7ish. Find some geeks and bring them along. Or come by yourself.

See you there.



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