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Chapter 5

So Nerdnite Auckland is dusting off it’s boots and getting back on the metaphorical road.

Again with the 3 speakers, we’re all set to go for Nerdnite #5. Same time, same place. Which means Nectar, upstairs from the Kingslander on New North Road in Kingsland, this coming Tuesday (the 5th of March). Doors open 6:30, talks will kick off round 7 once everyone has acquired a beverage.


First up (or last, depending on who wants to go where) we’ve got Tim McNamara, who coordinates digital volunteer response in emergencies talking about privacy. I believe the topic will be “Privacy: It’s worse than you think”. Think worse people, think worse, with Tim’s help, we might catch up.

Then we’ve got biomedical engineer Michelle Dickinson getting into the details of some of the cooler aspects of nanotechnology that are about. Quite possibly including superhydrophobicity, the dangers of nanotechnology and how to make smart phones smarter.

And finally, provided his plane is on time, Richard Easther, a cosmologist from the physics department at Auckland University will be giving us a biographical talk about Beatrice Tinsley – someone from the history of New Zealand science that’s worth knowing more about. Come along, should be fun. Spread the word, bring your friends and not just the nerdy ones. Try and bring a few of the not quite so nerdy ones over to the dark side. See you Tuesday. Tally ho.