> Nerdnite – Chapter 7

Nerdnite – Chapter 7

Back to it. nerdnite returns, same bat-time, same bat-channel, with a technologically orientated evening on Tuesday May the 7th at Nectar, above the Kingslander in … Kingsland. Materials science, 3d printing and differential analysers (google them, they’re awesome machines).First up, we have Shaun Hendy, visiting us all the way from Wellington. Shaun is a physicist by trade, specialising in nanotech and materials science, and will be speaking about economics, science and innovation in his talk entitled “Get Off the Grass”.

Our second speaker Danny Dillen is a product designer currently running his own small 3D printing, prototyping and product development company in auckland. He will be introducing us to 3D printing methods, particularly the newer filament extruder printers which have begun to dominate the consumer market, as opposed to the half million dollar+ machines used in industry.

We also have William Irwin, a volunteer from MOTAT, who will be taking us through the history and restoration of the Meccano Differential Analyser No. 2, an analog computer that solves differential equations. This particular one was used to help build Benmore Hydro Dam, and design the bouncing bombs used to destroy hydro damns in the Ruhr Valley during WWII.

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