> Nerdnite Chapter 8

Nerdnite Chapter 8

Another line up of talks from all over the spectrum lined up for July.
If all goes according to plan, we’ll be hearing about animal cognition, art conservation and mapping the solar system and near earth objects.
First up, we have Alex Taylor, a lecturer at Auckland Uni’s School of Psychology, who asks ‘What can tool-making crows teach us about the evolution of human intelligence?’  We don’t want to crow about it too much, but this should be a good talk. :)
Our second speaker is Sarah Thompson who spends a lot of time pointing lasers at art pigments to learn about how paintings fade from exposure to light. Sarah will be shedding light on some cool discoveries and techniques used in the art conservation science.
And then we have Applied Mathematician Philip Sharp whose research centers on the use of computer methods to simulate physical processes that vary with time.  Philip will be taking us through the ramifications of the latest news to hand, namely:  “Large asteroid  hits Nectar bar”.  The chances of a large asteroid colliding with Earth are very small, but as the dinosaurs found out, if one hits the effects are catastrophic. What could happen? what we can do to prevent a collision? would an evacuation of greater Auckland would work? (My guess is no, btw)
Gather your geeky and your nerdy. Bring people who like learning and beer. Nectar, in Kingsland at 6:30pm, Tuesday the 4th of June (it’s free).

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