> Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 18

Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 18

Nerdnite is indeed on again this month, as it is most months, on the 1st Tuesday. That being Tuesday the 3rd of June. Or in a few days time. Nectar, upstairs from the Kingslander, 6:30ish onwards.


This month for your perusal, we present Kate Hannah after noting the many deplorable grammatical habits of scientists, will be enlightening us as to the history and correct usage of the comma. I believe an opinion may be expressed on the desirability of using the Oxford comma, where appropriate.


Beau PontrĂ© will be talking about magnets. An incredibly wide range of magnets. From their use as compasses for navigation, to electricity generation through to the past few decades, when magnetism has been exploited in the form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a diagnostic tool to aid in the assessment of disease – now sufficiently advanced that we can go beyond simple images of the body and capture the movement of the beating heart. Cantor! Cantor! Cantor!


Gavin Marten will give us a talk about the mathematician Cantor – who seriously rocked by the way. An infinite number of infinities anyone? Georg Cantor’s work was described by PoincarĂ© as a “grave disease” infecting the discipline, and described him as a “scientific charlatan”. So what was all the fuss about ? Basically the foundations of set theory and of the infinite. How real numbers are not as simple as we might think. Gather your cold and thirsty geeks and bring them in for an evening of learning about seriously cool stuff that you are probably remiss for not knowing about beforehand.


Gather your cold and thirsty geeks and bring them along for a warm pint and some brain stretching.

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