> Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 19

Nerdnite Auckland – Chapter 19

Right. So the first thing to note is the change of venue. We’re trying out new digs at Galbraiths, number 2 Mt Eden Rd, where the beer is significantly better this month. It’s right at the top of Mt Eden Road near the intersection of Mt Eden, New North Road and Symonds St. The second thing to note is that we want a good crowd to make a make a good impression so they’ll want us back – so make sure you get all your geeks (and yourself) along. 


The 3rd (and possibly most important) thing to note are our speakers. This, my friends is what you’re in for this month:

First up we have Vanessa Jordan discussing the selective publication of research and its effects on the body of evidence from which consumers and clinicians make healthcare decisions. In particular Vanessa will discuss the events that led the Cochrane Collaboration to pursue unpublished evidence on the drug Tamiflu and how Roche managed to sell billions of dollars of this drug worldwide based on selected (and biased) research data. Vanessa is a New Zealand Fellow of the highly regarded Cochrane Collaboration and a recognised expert in systematic review methodology.

Kate Hannah will be along to talk to us about the both the history and the correct usage of the comma. I am given to understand that specific mention will be made of the Oxford comma. Those of you with a fondness
for grammar can probably bring examples from my misuse of commas in this blurb to be painfully examined and worked over.

And we have one John Radford, an artist who is coming along to talk about some of his work and the inspiration that has been provided by Auckland and the Grafton that was before the motorway came along.

Right that about sums it up. Come grab a seat at table, a pint, and a feed. Next Tuesday. Galbraiths. 

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