> Nerd Nite Auckland – Chapter 21

Nerd Nite Auckland – Chapter 21

A bit late getting the ball rolling this month, but Nerd Nite Auckland shall indeed be back at Galbraith’s in October. That’s Tuesday 7th October from 6.30pm (talks start at 7pm) at Galbraith’s Alehouse (2 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton). All nerds and nice people welcome. As usual we don’t charge entry but donations are appreciated to buy our (lovely, generous, volunteer) speakers drinks and get the odd bit of equipment that we need to keep NN running smoothly.

Our first speaker is Joshua Guilbert, who will be talking about animal navigation, translocation and conservation of bats. Animals are capable of navigating home from unfamiliar locations and across seemingly featureless environments independent of season, weather or time of day. It has been suggested that species across the animal kingdom accomplish this by using information from Earth’s magnetic field. Understanding animal navigation is important for the management of any species that migrates or has a strong homing instinct. This is especially true of bats, which do both. Joshua’s research focuses on the homing behaviour of bats, which he hopes to apply to a successful translocation very soon.

Next, Geoff Willmott will be presenting a potted history of high speed photography. Super slow-mo cameras have entered the mainstream in the past decade, mostly because of their use in sports coverage. Previous generations were wowed by images of splashing droplets, or bullets passing through apples. Starting at the invention of photography, this presentation will introduce record-breaking fast photography technologies, what they were pointed at, and what we have learned from the images they have produced.

Our third speaker is Jeremy “Mr J” Bishop from Arkham City Comics, talking on the increasing interest from Hollywood on the Comic characters & teams that have been loved for decades by Nerds & Geeks alike. From the early attempts to today’s Blockbusters & TV shows.

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