> Nerd Nite Auckland – Chapter 22

Nerd Nite Auckland – Chapter 22

Join us on November 4th from 6.30 pm at Galbraiths’s (2 Mt Eden Rd, Grafton) for your monthly dose of craft beer and nerdery.

Our first speaker is Nataly Martini with a talk entitled ‘Games in health education – are you serious?’ Health education is considered serious business. After all we don’t want our healthcare professionals to be playing with our health. But with medical knowledge estimated to double every 7-10 years, how do we help to keep our future health professionals up-to-date while taking more responsibility for our health without relying on Dr Google? Are games a possible answer? This talk addresses some of these questions.

Next year is the International Year of Light, so it’s somewhat fitting that the 2014 Nobel prizes for both Chemistry and Physics were awarded in recognition of light-related research. Cather Simpson will discuss the development of high-resolution fluorescent microscopy, and of blue LEDs, for which the Chemistry and Physics prizes were awarded respectively…

…it will be illuminating.

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